Friday, January 3, 2014

Ingrid Jarisz, Jawl Development and Newport Realty - Seaside Times

Ingrid Jarisz

Golden Connections by Doreen Marion Gee

This latest article on Ingrid Jarisz appeared in the Seaside Times and is a great testimony to the way she conducts business. Ingrid has been a fixture around Cordova Bay and especially Mattick’s Farm and we likes to share this great article on her. This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women’s Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula, which have participated in events held here at Mattick’s Farm and the Cordova Bay Ridge Golf Course.

In today’s difficult times, people skills can be a career saver. A local real estate agent credits much of her success to her keen ability to forge caring connections and good relationships with others. In 2014, the “golden rule” has never been more important. Ingrid Jarisz’s impressive career began with her work as a legal assistant; eventually her expertise led to a career with Jawl Developments. As Executive Assistant, leading to Real Estate Sales Manager, Ingrid was involved in planning, rezoning, design drawings, project management, sale negotiations and contract underwriting. Ingrid is very proud of her involvement with the Sayward Hill project and the Selkirk Waterfront Development.

Two years ago, Ingrid became a real estate agent with Newport Realty, while still using her skills at Jawl Properties. Her record says it all: “On average, my listings have sold for over 96% of the asking price”. The financial downturn has affected the real estate world, increasing competition to get clients. To Ingrid, building relationships and making those golden connections gives her a definite edge. The very successful real estate professional is a networking wizard, with people skills polished to a shine. Ingrid has always been very active in getting community women together to help each other find opportunities and employment. “In my work, I really draw on the relationships that I have built over the years, “ reflects Ingrid. “Networking is super-important for me, not just the fact-to-face interactions but on social media as well. I am just ‘social by nature.” In these challenging times, “People are really going to be singling out the relationship side of doing business.

Clients are going to choose who gives them the best customer service! Gone are the days when you could stick a sign in the ground and sell a house.” Ingrid reveals her smart business sense: “I have to be creative and willing to come up with new ideas and think outside the box. It is competitive out there and I have to provide that extra level of customer service.” The Sidney Meet Up networking group has been a very helpful oasis for Ingrid: “Being involved with Sidney Meet Up has been fabulous!” Ingrid says the exposure and networking provided by Sidney Meet Up really jumps-starts the careers and lives of women on the Saanich Peninsula. One should treat as one would like others to treat oneself. Ingrid Jarisz knows the value of a smile and kind work in the business world.