Saturday, March 23, 2013

Testing out Mr. Lead on the back of a flat deck. No one can talk to the horse, of course, unless the horse is Mr. Ed. Remember Mr. Ed, the horse that used to talk? Well, this is Mr. Lead, the horse that's made to walk!" When Doug Taylor begins the preparatory designs for his site specific wind pieces he seeks out historical references. In making Mr. Lead, his wind horse, it wasn't the noted 18th-century English painter George Stubbs with his commitment to equine verisimilitude or the solid, Roman-nosed horses of the 15th-century painter Paolo Uccello who served as Taylor's mentors. Instead, he identified the clever whimsy of Alexander Calder and his enchanting circus horses and riders, and when you realize that a copper-patented bird dancer rises up out of a cavity in the horse's lead-clad body as he trots out, the source becomes apparent. Inspiration has also come from the unnamed whirligig makers who provide the lessons and license he needs for his work.
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Top 8 ways to enjoy spring at Mattick's Farm this spring

1. Visit Adrienne's Restaurant & Tea Garden

Take your mom to Adrienne's Restaurant & Tea Garden - Mother's Day is coming up, or maybe it's her birthday. What could be better than a nice lunch, followed by a walk through the garden and then through the shops at Mattick's Farm?

2. Treat the kids to Adrienne's Ice Cream

Take your kids to Adrienne's Ice Cream, the best ice cream on the Saanich Peninsula. Adrienne's even gives the famed Beacon Drive Inn a run for its money. They may have Beacon Hill Park for the kids, but Adrienne's has the best mini-golf course south the of the Malahat.

3. Take the kids (and your mom) to Mattick's Farm Mini Golf

Mattick's Farm Mini Golf is the best mini golf on the South Island. It's close to Victoria, on the way into town from the ferries, near Beaver and Elk Lake... It's the ultimate treat for kids (or your mom) on a warm spring day.

4. Get prepared at Art Knapp Garden Centre

Take care of your garden at Art Knapp Garden Centre. It's a convenient location with lots of selection, and great for making quick trips to pick up whatever your need. Better parking than many other garden centres close to town.

5. Rejuvenate at Pure Day Spa

Pure Day Spa offers some unique and original treatments in our beautiful wooded location. We may be just twenty minutes from downtown, but it feels like a world away at Pure Day Spa.

6. Feed your inner locavore at The Red Barn Market

The ability to gnosh on fresh, local produce is just around the corner, and what better place to "farmgate" than at Red Barn Market right here at Mattick's Farm. Besides fruit and vegetables, the market is a great place to find local grass-fed beef, delicious breads, and artisanal cheeses (perfect to snack on while sipping wine on the patio).

7. By that birthday present at Toying Around

The biggest change we've noticed since we were kids is that toys aren't all that good anymore. Go to the mall or the big box store, and all that can be found are generic, plasticky pieces of bric a brac from Guangzhou. However, Toying Around features better quality toys that are unique, original and durable. If you're interested in quality over quantity, shop here for toys.

8. Stock up at the VQA Wine Shop
There's nothing better than drinking wine - any kind of wine - on a warm spring evening. It's light out late, the birds are chirping, the garden smells fragrant, and everything goes better with wine, especially local BC wine. After your kids' birthday party (or perhaps your time at the spa) and taking your mom out and playing mini golf (or perhaps working in the garden), and after washing up after eating great food from Red Barn Market, get a bottle of local BC wine and enjoy the spring.

Nevin Thompson frequently writes about Victoria on behalf of Diversified Health Clinic.

Monday, March 18, 2013

On this episode of "go! Island", Shaw TV's Karen Elgersma wanders around Mattick's Farm. Watch this video on Mattick's Farm and discover why we are Victoria's number one shopping boutique destination.